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When I sat down to write my bio, and reviewed the myriad of bios out there, I found the typical theme of being broke down then overcoming story line. *boring*.

I just do not even want to bore you with my "poor me"/rags to riches story...

Suffice it to say that we all have stories. What I have come to know is that when life is lived sh*t happens. We are all full of stories. It is practically impossible to tell anyone all of our stories. Most of our stories are useful to our formation, and yet, not always relevant to be shared.

The stories we tell are only relevant within a context.

I could bore you with stories about almost dying in a foreign country, growing up with an alcoholic father who died when I was 9 years old, and being raised by a single mother.

Or I could reveal some unusual elements like, being a twin and having numerous psychic moments as a young child, dynamic prophetic dreams and synchronistic moments when I took specific actions (in ways I didn't quite understand) that ended up saving someone's life.

I could even distract you with some of the brushes with fame I have had, hanging out with Reggie White, being hugged by Maya Angelou, having a one-in-a-lifetime-talk with Branford Marsalis, or breaking bread with The Barefoot Artist, Lily Yeh.

What is helpful, useful and valuable is to share stories within a context of mutual respect, immersive attention, relevant metaphors and generous listening!

If you are trying to decide if I am someone you should work with, I invite you to watch this short video:

If you choose to work/play/create with me, I am ready!!!

With Authenticity & Love,


Offerings by Yvette Murrell


Healing Justice (Restorative Practices/Restorative Justice)

Section 1

Hindsight and Insight:

  1. Having our authentic selves to give
  2. What brought us to this moment
  3. What keeps us here (shared values)
Section 2

Insight and Foresight:

  1. The cycle of belonging and not belonging
  2. Deepening and widening trust in service of our community through Healing Justice
  3. Deep practice of circle and holding space
Section 3

Foresight and Meta-View:

  1. Where we come from - System of Inequity
  2. Distinctions and practice of holding space for others
  3. Plans and practices for holding circles of understanding
Section 4


  1. The shoulders we stand on
  2. Practice holding circle
  3. What to do with our wanderings
  • Circle facilitation for healing and holding community. (Like emergent strategy community housing)
  • Holding space for transformation - Inviting the question that allow for what is in the space to emerge


One-on-one sessions to address specific issues and move through transformative spaces and times in your life in alignment with your values and on path with the life your soul intended.

Performance - Blessing Next to The Wound

Art as an invitation to the transformative space within ourselves. Creativity as a window that floats possibilities for us to view and consider. Intentional space to practice composting stories, allowing feelings/thoughts/the unknown to flow through a kinesthetic space and spaciousness for cultivating our new selves.

Divine Guidance Readings:

Amber left you a review on October 02, 2018: Everything about the session was absolutely AMAZING!!! Yvette was extremely professional and very easy to talk to. She answered all of my questions and assisted me in some future decision making. Our session allowed me to confirm a lot of things I was questioning and lay down some new foundations in my life. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a beautiful experience.